Africa Trading Company

 Znicza 35, 04-121 Warsaw, Poland

What We Do




We source our pork products from Europe and South America. We supply every part of the pig and can produce items according to specific customer requirements


Our team has an extensive knowledge of beef products. We offer beef offals such as kidneys, livers, feet, lips and hearts.

Our beef  products are sourced from Europe, South America, Australia and New Zealand.



We supply products from the chicken, hen, duck and turkey which are sourced from Europe, South America and North America.



We supply a range of frozen fish including pelagic species and by-catch. We source our products in Western Africa, Europe, North America, South America and Asia.

Fruits and Vegetables


We supply our vegetables from Europe.  Main products destinated to Africa are onions, carrots and apples.



Our team has a diverse range of knowledge in dairy products, enabling us to source long-life milk, cheeses and milk powders in Europe which are sold in Africa.

Our range of long-life milk includes full fat, semi-skimmed and skimmed.

Commodities from Africa


We source our products from selected suppliers. All shipments are controlled by our local representatives. We deal mainly with cocoa butter, cocoa cake and palm oil.